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Names For Baby Knaddison (that we are NOT going to choose)

Submitted by greg on Sat, 01/09/2010 - 15:03

We don't know what name we are going to choose. Heck, we don't even know the baby's sex. Here are some names (serious and otherwise) that we are not going use.

  • Maddison - Madison Knaddison? A rhyming name? Really? This is our favorite answer when people ask us what the name will be.
  • Isabela - This actually was our favorite ever since a trip to Spain 2003 when we visited a garden that was originally built by Queen Isabela, but we feel like the twilight series has made it a bit too common.
  • Maya - Nikki likes. Greg vetos.
  • Melissa - Greg likes. Nikki has had two bosses with this name. No matter how much you like your boss, you can't name your baby after them.
  • Hugo - just no. Sorry, chavez.
  • Guillermina - mostly this one just makes us laugh. (no offense to all the Guillermina's in the world)
  • Maria/Marta - to honor the many Maria/Martas we've met from Latin America, but it's just too plain.
  • Magnolia/Gwenyvere - Greg loves 70s rock names. Too bad Nikki thinks they're gross.
  • Nikki Jr./Greg Jr. - Again, just no.

We may update this in the future - that's the list so far.


Buggabean? It seems most of the no names are female...if you're not already saying so, you might consider offering both Maddison and Addison as the top picks. Loving the pictures. Libby

Yes, we have nicknames aplenty (though buggabean is a new one, and I like it).

So far...

  • Knaddibump
  • Knaddibaby
  • Peanut (not so original)
  • The classic from Bolln (Greg's mom's family) is "Henry Otto" which is probably why we refer to him with male pronouns.

We have a pretty solid male name picked out already and therefore spend fairly little time brainstorming male names which is probably why we have brainstormed more girl names that got rejected.

gramma addison advice ....Don't share baby's name until he/she arrives.