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New Year's Eve edition: How you know you're a parent of a little one

Submitted by greg on Tue, 01/01/2013 - 08:47

The last time we talked about 5 signs you've become a parent we talked a little about how being "up all night" is about fussiness instead of partying.

Well, our new year's eve for 2012/2013 brought us to a variation:

  • When you hold back your daughter's hair so it doesn't get puke on it...
  • When the NYE puker's big drinking binge was a sippy cup of apple juice...

Yes, we were up all night as Lucy puked every half hour. We found out at 1:30 when we heard "mommy, I need you" cries coming from her room. I investigated and found her lying in a bed soaked with vomit - in her hair, clothes, and through a thick blanket onto the bed. So, shower and clothes change later we moved her into our room because it required us to listen for noises and then pop up and get her head aligned for the bowl - otherwise we worried she would soak another bed/outfit/pillow/hair etc. requiring stronger involvement.

We've passed another milestone on the path of life.


That sounds terrible. Poor Lucy! Can you post some non-vomit soaked photos of Lucy and Mae?