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Defective baby and a bad nightmare

Submitted by greg on Thu, 07/01/2010 - 07:41

We've tested Lucy on multiple occasions and so far she has not once responded to a zerbert. It doesn't matter if we get her belly, her foot, or we try tickling far nothing. We look forward to improvements in this department.

Separately, this morning as I lay in bed and read my morning news while Nikki slept a weird thing happened. Nikki rolled over and was having a bad nightmare with her body shaking strongly. I gently woke her up and we talked about it. The nightmare: she had given lucy to Aunt Pam for babysitting and was hanging out with friends and trying to drive back to feed lucy but she was having a hard time on the freeway. Also, she was a day behind on doing her homework. One modern day stressor and one of Nikki's favorite stressors from back in the day combined in a perfect storm.