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Baby photos we are not so sure we like

Submitted by greg on Fri, 02/19/2010 - 15:34

We went to this really fun event the other night and they took photos of us and this is one of them. To be clear: we do not really like this photo! We are not quite this cheesy!

What the heck? Also, the event included photos in 6 different poses and includes 1 file "for free." The remainder of the photos are $125 each for download of the high quality digital file (i.e. that's not a print, just the download).

I realize that a good photographer is worth a high price, but given that the photo session took less than 10 minutes and that uploading couldn't have taken that long...the price seems a bit high.


yo greggles, i agree: $125 ea is really steep. i think the time-lag idea would work-it worked for us at our wedding. we could purchase the negative for an extra $500 right after the wedding and do our own prints, or we could buy the negatives for $100 a year later. our lack-luster finances told us patience would be a good thing...and it was. the other way to add value to this whole thing? wedding photographers should keep in touch with clients to do the certain-to-come pregnancy/ babies. this way the clients are assured a certain quality and similar 'photo documentation' style throughout. ok, enough econ for me. miss you both, libby

I think it is worth every dollar. I would by this magical print at $250, even $2,500. It would be a steal! Also, what is your password so I can see the rest of these fantastic works.

why are you sleeping standing up?